Hi, I'm Mandy Parks!

There are a few things about my life that have lead me to where I am today. I grew up poor, and my grandparents were my main source of inspiration. My work ethic was definitely passed down from my grandfather, and he is a huge reason why I have been successful in my journey so far. 

Photography has always been a passion of mine- there are even polaroids of me at age 5 holding a camera! I love capturing the raw emotion in a photograph. I especially appreciate the memories that photos hold. In 2011, I was widowed. This trial showed me more than ever how important photos are, because some day, that could be all you have left of someone. I now spend my time creating those memories for others, and I fall in love with every client.

When I am not taking photos, I spend time with my cute cowboy husband, Josh, and our 3 beautiful kids who have turned us into a full on rodeo family. They are the driving force behind my life and I couldn't do what I do without their support!

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